Prayer is the focal point of Catholic Campus Ministry. Throughout the week, we offer various opportunities to receive the Sacraments and join the community for devotional prayer.

The Blessed Sacrament is reposed in the San Damiano Chapel, Stony Brook Student Union within L12, Room L12-3. The chapel is open during the day for private prayer.

Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, prayer times are subject to change.  Please subscribe to our weekly newsletter for up-to-date information.


SUN @ 5 PM 

During Academic Year*


Student Union Ballroom


MON 12:30 PM /
Interfaith Chapel


TUE 5:30 PM / Interfaith Chapel

WED 12:30 PM /
Interfaith Chapel

THU 12:30 PM /
Interfaith Chapel

FRI 10 AM / 

Interfaith Chapel


MON - THU @ 10 AM

Virtually via Zoom

Thursday’s Rosary is prayed alternating between English and the various languages spoken by our students.


MON 9:00 AM /

San Damiano Chapel

TUE 6:15 PM / Interfaith Chapel

WED 9:45 AM /

San Damiano Chapel

THU 9:00 AM /

San Damiano Chapel


Confessions are heard face-to-face and behind the screen (anonymously) or at any time by scheduling an appointment with Father Lachlan.

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